Aglow Pilgrimages is an established licensed UK tour operator dedicated to the mission of leading people on Life-Changing Pilgrimages. We believe and bear witness to the power of a pilgrimage in changing people's lives.

We're a young and lively start-up company and we lead people of all ages on pilgrimages across the world.
Fuelled by our love for God, we organise pioneering pilgrimages, taking you on the adventure of a lifetime!

In 2005 Jonathan visited Medjugorje on a pilgrimage that changed his life. The existence of God became undeniable, His love unquestionable and His presence tangible. Some years down the line, after dozens more pilgrimages, Jonathan formed Aglow Pilgrimages, a company that would lead many others on life-changing pilgrimages.  

The company set-up is simple. A home office, volunteer staff and part-time supplementary workers, all help Aglow provide affordable, life changing pilgrimages for everybody.It’s time to share the beauty and the opportunity of Pilgrimages!


Photo left: Jonathan with wife, Emma and daughter, Amelie