Photo: Jonathan with wife, Emma and daughter, Amelie


Aglow Pilgrimages is an established licensed UK tour operator dedicated to the mission of leading people on Life-Changing Pilgrimages. We believe and bear witness to the power of a pilgrimage in changing people's lives.

We're a young and lively start-up company and we lead people of all ages on pilgrimages across the world.
Fuelled by our love for God, we organise pioneering pilgrimages, taking you on the adventure of a lifetime!

In 2005 Jonathan visited Medjugorje on a pilgrimage that changed his life. The existence of God became undeniable, His love unquestionable and His presence tangible. Some years down the line, after dozens more pilgrimages, Jonathan formed Aglow Pilgrimages, a company that would lead many others on life-changing pilgrimages.  

The company set-up is simple. A home office, volunteer staff and part-time supplementary workers, all help Aglow provide affordable, life changing pilgrimages for everybody.It’s time to share the beauty and the opportunity of Pilgrimages!



The Travel Trust Association is a travel trade association and exists in order to protect you, the customer, with 100% financial protection and has been doing so for over 20 years. This means that every penny you pay to Aglow Pilgrimages is protected by the Travel Trust Association.

How does the Travel Trust Association provide 100% financial protection for me?

You can book your pilgrimage secure in the knowledge that Travel Trust Association will protect you in the unlikely event of a member becoming insolvent.

Every Travel Trust Association member deposits your money into the Trust Account. A Trust Account is a bank account designated to hold the customer's money. Your money remains in the Trust Account and is supervised by an appointed trustee who is either a banker, chartered or certified accountant or a solicitor. Both the Travel Trust Association members and the trustees are required to authorise payments from the trust account.


Aglow has experience in organising pilgrimages for pilgrims from around the world. We put our pilgrims first and offer a dedicated, personal service walking with you every step of your pilgrim journey, from first contact with us to arriving home.

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